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Day 2: During our stay at Yellowstone we planned our days via the map of the park we had and the general vicinty we were heading, usually to a point of interest. We planned some stops but made quite a few unscheduled stops too. Our navigator, Lesha, did an outstanding job getting us where we needed to go!! Here we have the enormous Roosevelt arch that "guards" the north entrance. You can see how large it is comparing it to Nathan & Lesha.  The Bison was the first we saw and by far the largest of any we saw over the next few days. There's a pic of a Petrified Tree, which is  purported to be very old I hear. A chipmonk that was none too happy with us for being so close to her nest, it was the first time I was cursed out by a rodent! The rest of the pics were taken as we meandered through our second day.
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