Our Vacation to Yellowstone Park
Nathan, Lesha and I went to Yellowstone Park this past July. We flew into Bozeman MT, rented a car and drove to Gardiner, MT which is located right at the North Entrance to Yellowstone. It was a perfect place to stay and the town was real nice, even though we spent most of our time inside the park. Not too far inside Yellowstone is the 45th parallel and the Wyoming state line, you'll see some pics of us at the 45th. The Park was a sight to behold and in leiu of ranting on about it I'll let most of the pics speak for themselves.
These are pics of Mammoth Springs, it's the first main village inside the park. Lots of thermal activity here! The Waterfall is one of many amazing water features in Yellowstone, lastly here we are by the entrance sign. There will be another pic of the Roosevelt Arch which marks the entry in a much grander scale.