Ocean Master - Orm - Half Brother of Aquaman
A pretty obscure character today but he rocked in the silver age. Orm's based on a Mego TII body, his head is made from a modified Mego Captain America head. One of my best sculpting jobs on the "mask", I'm still learning!! The outift is custom made to get that Mego feel, . . .  right down to the Mego trademark nylon cape. The Trident was made from a plant card holder..
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Mr. Freeze - Batman Live Action TV show - Otto Preminger Version
He is based on a Mego TII body. The head is a severely drimmeled/modified  Wizard of Oz head.  It  was airbrushed using differing coats of ice blue, silver and white with hand painted details. He's wearing an AJ Fire suit, boots, belt and scuba tank. I made the gloves and shaped a Coat Hanger to form the "cold ring" around his head.  The chest control is from a Mini Me figure and the gun was made by combining a Playing Mantis AJ Machine gun and a DC Direct Sandman gun and tube.