I had a chance to live a dream by attending this years Megomeet in Wheeling, WV. I know, . . .  you're saying what is Megomeet? In short it's a bunch of toy dorks getting together trading some, buying some but mostly just hanging out for 3 days and solving the problems of the world. This was my first time to make the event and I had the opportunity to meet some guys that I had known via the interenet for over 10 years.What else? there were great custom figures, rare Mego figures and new Megoesque figures on display. Good food and better fellowship!!
Enjoy the pics below and check back for links to other pics from the event.
Dave McCormick organizer extrodinare of said event and all around nice guy
You know the words . . . 
Action Jackson is my name . . .
Bold Adventure . . .
Austin Hough's great custom figures
and screen printed suits
Me and Sean Griffin (he's a famous writer)
Muchos Megos
Want to more about MEGO? Click Here!
Derek never stopped working on his stuff
I get nervous around guys with rubber gloves
Dr. Mego, aka Paul Clark gave us the latest scoop on what to expect from EMCE toys
The Dealers room
The upcoming Phantom figure
from Cast Away Toys
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