We spent the rest of our trip in Wine Country. We stayed right near Santa Rosa which is about half way in between Sonoma and Nappa Valley. Lesha is much more of a wine connoisseur than I but I did gain an appreciation during my visit. We took a ride on the Nappa Valley Wine Train which took us through the Valley,  where we were able to see many of the vineyards. It was a great ride with some super good food! We toured many small vineyards (too many to list) and they were really cool with great info at the wine tasting bars, but to be honest, after stopping at 3 or 4 it all tasted the same to me. It was wild seeing the thousands of acres of grapevines, every hill, valley and front yard had vines growing!! I guess one of the highlights would be our tour of the Mondavi Vineyard. It was a beautiful place, lots of history there. We also visited Francis Ford Copola's place which is very old. However, the main purpose of our trip was to spend time together and thank the Lord for blessing us in so many ways, but mostly for each other!
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Copola's vineyard . . . . BTW . . .  he also owns that mountain!
Lesha & I aboard the Wine Train
Lesha workin' the fields at Copolas
May I pour you a glass?
Wine tasting at the Mondavi Vineyard
One of the wine cellars at Mondavi, each cask is worth about $30K!
The entrance to the Mondavi Vineyard
The Opus One Vineyard, what a sight!!