Fright Fest at Six Flags Over Texas
We're lucky enought to live in an area with many "attractions", one of which is Six Flags over Texas. I baisically "grew up" there, boy!! the stories I have from my days at Six Flags could fill a book!! Anyway, every Halloween they really deck it out. They have haunted houses, special shows and just your general Halloween related "stuff".  In short, It's a blast!!  Well this was Nathan's first trip there. He was a little scared of a few things but we had a great time inspite of the rain!! Hold your cursor over each picture for a brief synopsus.
"Dad, This Horse isn't real!!"
Just inside the gate
Entry sign--------->
An important moment, Nathan's first roller coaster ride!! better than the first steps!!!
the "Scarosel"  . . . . . really . . . .
Nathan playing will his glow necklace, whata look!!
"Dad, my tummy feels funny" . . . . he liked it, but it scared him a little too.
On our way into the Yosimite Sam caveride
Nathan playing with his glow necklace, next time I'm just going to buy him a glow necklace and rent a movie!! LOL!!
Inside the caveride
ACME,  Nothin but the best will do!
Bugs', saves the day . . . . again!!!
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