Captain Cold
One of The Flash's arch enemy's!! This cool customer is made from a modified repro Mego Riddler head, custom made outfit, modified DC 9" Batman belt with custom holster, the "freeze ray" is a VERY modified Playing Mantis Dr. Evil gun. Finally, he is based on a TII Trek body with painted boots.
last custom
Golden Age Captain America
I've always wanted to do one of these  . . . . . . He is mostly made from a modified Mego Captain America. Modified head and outfit (I added white sleaves and a custom black belt with standard Mego buckle). He has Plasti-Dip boots and gloves and to top it off the crested Shield. I really prefer the rounded one (When Captain America throws his mighty sheild . . . . . . come you know the words!!) but it works for the Golden Age Cap'!