-Holiday Happenings-
Here are a few misc. Christmas pictures.
We hope you had a great holiday season with some time off!!!
My neice Lyndsey and my mom decorating the tree
my mom puttin' lights on her shrubs
My dad hooking up the lights
mom and dad's tree decorated!
tree lights off
Santa came!!!
My house at night
we open 1 present on christmas eve
The feast!!
Mr. Claus himself!!
kitchen talk
My sister and 2 of her kids (Malynda & Kyle)
Nathan, Petey and Elmo crashed!!
Nathan with his Matt Mason Knock-offs
Rescue Heroes Rule!!
Nathan with his RC car
Hiding from his cousins
I get to help!!
a winter wonderland!! we got a whole inch!!
Giving Petey his Chewy's
my street
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