Trip to Canada Journal

Day 1:
Larry & I Traveled with Steve R & his son Ryan from DFW to Minn. We met up W/Dick & his son Steve M as well as Dave and then flew on to Winnipeg. After we picked up the vans we checked into our hotel (Comfort inn). We then went shopping to buy supplies and then to eat @ the Pony Corral (it sucked) Crashed
Day 2:
We traveled in the vans we rented from Winnipeg to Knobby's in Sioux Lookout (4 1/2hrs) We flew in small engine "sea" planes from Sioux Lookout to KNOBBY'S Paradise (I took a separate plane W/our gear) on Bamaji & Roadhouse lakes. We got settled in to the cabin had SPAM sandwiches for lunch. After lunch we broke out the gear and went fishing from 2:30-6:30 Larry & I caught 71 fish, (36 & 35) most of which were Walleye, Larry caught 4 Pike. The biggest Pike was 28'' & the biggest Walleye was 17 1\4''. Ryan caught the largest Pike (28") and Steve caught the largest Walleye (22") each day we had wagers on the biggest Walleye and Pike, $5 a person. At the end of the week the person with the largest of each gets an additional $10 per person. Our "hosts" John, Flo & "Tator" (the cook) cooked the fish we caught and we ate them. 
Day 3:
Breakfast  @ camp (Spam & eggs) fishing all day!
Larry, Dick, Steve M & I stayed together, in two separate boats. Before leaving John had shown us where to fish for the day and where to meet for "Shore Lunch".  As it turned out we couldn't find the shore camp for lunch. Larry & I caught 60 fish, (25 & 35) most of which were again Walleye. I caught 18 Walleye from 8-9pm!  Ryan caught the largest Pike (28") (again!)  Steve M (dicks son) caught the largest Walleye. Tator grilled pork chops for dinner, they were great. We played poker and I lost a $77 hand of 5-card stud with a full house to Dave's 4 aces. Other wise I broke even.
Day 4:
Breakfast  @ camp (scrambled eggs & bacon) fishing all day!
We went to the N end of Bamaji. Larry, Dick, Steve M & I stayed together. We found the shore camp for lunch!! We always ate the fish we caught in the AM for lunch. Larry & I caught 33 fish, (8 & 15) most of which were again Walleye. I caught a 24" Pike and a 22" Walleye for my first two fish!  Dave caught the largest Pike (31 1/2") and Steve caught the largest Walleye (22 1/2 ") Tator grilled steak & baked potatoes for dinner, they were great! We (Larry, Dick, Steve M & I) sat around and talked after dinner. Dave, Steve & Ryan went back out. It started to rain, but not hard.
Day 5:
Breakfast  @ camp (French Toast & bacon) fishing all day!
We went to the river inlet on Roadhouse Lake. Larry, Dick, Steve M & I stayed together. We saw some beavers.  Larry & I caught 36 fish, (14 & 22) I caught a 28" Pike.   Dave caught the largest Walleye (24 1/2") Steve M. caught the largest Pike (32") Tator cooked pork loin, green beans & mashed potatoes for dinner, they were great! We played cards after dinner. I lost $22. It rained really hard during the night.
Day 6:
Breakfast  @ camp (Eggs & bacon) fishing all day!
Larry, Dick, Steve & I went back to a cove we found the day before.  Larry caught 2 Walleye on his first two casts. Larry & I caught 22 fish, (8 &14) I caught a 35 1/2" Pike (the largest).   Steve & Larry caught the largest Walleye (18 ") Tator, Flow & John cooked a New Found land dish for dinner. Turkey with boiled cabbage, onions, carrots, potatoes & rutabagas. It was very good. After dinner we watched Bravehart on Steve M's laptop.
Day 7:
Breakfast  @ camp (Omelets) Rain all day!
Larry, Dick, Steve & I went back to that same cove we found the day before.   I caught a 26 & a 30" Pike, but only caught 5 fish for the day. We came in early (12pm) due to the heavy rain. We watched American Pie & The Patriot on Steve M's laptop. Dave, Steve R. & Ryan went back out in the rain & caught several fish trolling. Dave caught the largest Walleye (22 1/2 ") & Steve caught the largest Pike (32"). Tator cooked Pork Chops for dinner.   After dinner we awarded the prize money ($10 ea.) for the largest fish of the week. Dave's 24 1/2" Walleye & my 35 1/2" Pike were the winners. We played poker the rest of the night (I won $25) and hoped the rain would stop by morning so we could fly out.
Day 8:
We're screwed!! The weather is too bad to get from Sioux Lookout to camp & vice versa. It's now a waiting game . . . . . . . . . . . 10:30 am John says it doesn't look good for us, as the clouds are not lifting. We're all sitting around the cabin reading, sleeping just doing something to keep our minds off the fact that this day is not shaping up for us. We've all had a great time but I think we're all ready to get home!! 11:45 am, Tator comes down to the cabin and offers to fix lunch for us. We all manage to get up and go to the diner. We had Grilled Spam and Cheese sandwiches!! Yummy!! I decide to go talk to John to see if there's any news. I no sooner walk into his cabin than he gets the word that the clouds are lifting and they have 3 planes on the way. We're told to get ready to go. 1:00 pm were packed up and flying away from Knobby's Paradise. It's such a beautiful place but again we're all ready to get home. However we're now dealing with missed flights and all sorts of new travel arrangements not to mention a 5 hr drive from Sioux Lookout to Winnipeg.
We arrive at Knobby's in Sioux Lookout and finish our business as quickly as possible. We load up the vans and off we go, it's around 2:00. Dave is a known road rage fanatic so we let him lead the way. We're driving down these Canadian highways doing 140 kph. Steve R and Dick are trying to find out what flight options are available. The only chance we have is to make the 7:30 pm flight from Winnipeg to Minn. and hopefully find something to get us to Dallas when we arrive in Minn.  Dave pulls ahead of our van and we got stuck behind a few trucks and basically don't see them until we arrive in Winnipeg. A few miles out side of Winnipeg Steve R. utilizes his cell phone to find us the quickest route to the airport. We then communicate that info to Dick, Steve M and Dave. We are really cutting this 7:30 flight close. We pull into the Hertz parking lot a t 7:00 sharp and are feeling good about our chances as we know Steve M is already inside letting them know we are here. We grab our luggage and haul it into the terminal. As we approach the Northwest desk we see Steve standing there with this dejected look on his face. He proceeds to inform us that the flight closed at 7:00 because it's an "international" flight. In reality it was the Unwillingness of the Northwest agent to check the luggage we had. He told us it would take "too long" and we didn't have time to clear customs. Well the customs agent was right there and said if he could check our luggage he would clear us to go. It really upset us at first but there wasn't anything we could do at this point except make flight arrangements for Thursday, find a hotel to stay in and get something to eat. We made flight arrangement for 5:30 am with a connection from Minn. to Dallas arriving later that afternoon.
DAY 9:
I'm tired of writing this, . . . . . in short . . . .  We made it home!! I need some sleep!!!
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