HOW DOES A GROWN MAN START PLAYING WITH TOYS YOU ASK ?. . . . . It all started one day when I was watching (really just channel surfing) a collectibles show on f/X and this guy has this "huge" collection of Matt Mason toys that he is showing!! It had been over 25 years since I had thought about that or any of the toys I had as a child. It was like a tidal wave knocked me over!! After that day I was "hooked" and began a quest to reacquire the toys of my childhood along with what I call "icons" of my past. It's kinda odd that I didn't do this a long time ago as I have always been a "kid at heart". 
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Hi! My name is Jim, Thanks for stoppin' by! This is the place where I tell you a little bit about myself and the family (just what you were always wanting to know)  We (my wife Lesha and son Nathan) live in the D/FW, TX area with our Jack Russel Terrier, "Petey" and 2 Peekapoos, Annie & Murphy. I have been collecting toys for about 15 years. My site is pretty toy intensive but it also allows me a place to post pictures of things Nathan, Lesha and I do together as well as other interests of ours. Take your time and look around and check back once in a while as I'm always adding something new.  Have a great day!!
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